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Effective Treatments for Venous Stasis
Effective Treatments for Venous Stasis

Effective Treatments for Venous Stasis

Venous stasis ulcers are leg ulcers from incorrect functioning of the venous valves and may result to chronic wounds. These leg ulcers are usually seen on individuals who also have varicose veins, swelling of the legs, and those who have a known history of blood clotting. While this is a common leg ulcer, the condition is very difficult to treat due to its high resistance.

If you suffer from this type of leg ulcer, you will need to find the right treatment for effective results. You may find several treatments but mostly they provide minimal healing to venous stasis ulcers as the condition is notorious for its stubbornness and strong resistance to treatments. To get started with finding the right treatment, you have to get to know the condition more.


You will know that you have leg ulcers when you experience the following symptoms: swelling of your leg or both of your legs, this swelling may be accompanied by any or all of the following – itchiness or burning sensation, pain, discoloration and dryness of the skin (usually scaly). The ulcer is usually located above the ankle on your leg’s inner part.


In simple terms, venous stasis ulcers are caused by the poor circulation of blood around the leg area specifically the inability of the leg veins to flow back the blood to the heart. There are several causative factors among these are: varicose veins especially from pregnancy, excessive weight gain or obesity, or genetics; history of individual suffering from blood clotting as well as lower leg trauma. There are also indications that individuals who remain in the same position of sitting or lying for an extended period are more likely to suffer from leg ulcers.


Considering the causative factors, a combination of these treatments can do wonders to heal venous stasis ulcers:

Hydrating the skin and the application of the right skin care treatment necessary to keep the skin clean and moisturized.

It is important to urgently address your venous stasis ulcers with the right treatment; otherwise, there is a greater chance for skin infection to develop and progress. The infection can only worsen the condition making it more difficult to resolve, and may subject you to a long term difficult bout with leg wounds.


    • Correcting the abnormalities in the functioning of the venous veins particularly improving the blood circulation around the legs and to the heart;


    • Reduce the swelling of the leg/s through elevation;


  • Proper caring and treatment of the wound including minimizing the pain and the foul smell that may come with it. Here, you may want to consider a breakthrough product- Dermawound that provides fast relief for pain, debridement of wound that also eliminates the foul smell, stimulates new skin cell growth, fights against bacteria and fungi to prevent and flush infection;


Using breakthrough products such as Dermawound is an important step to treat venous stasis ulcers correctly and effectively. Along with other treatments mentioned herein, you may just have to say goodbye to your leg ulcer permanently. For additional information go to:


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