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What Is CBDDY?
What Is CBDDY?

What Is CBDDY?

CBDDY is a veteran owned and operated industry leader in the CBD Store business. Pronounced ‘C-Buddy’, we aim to be you’re buddy for all your CBD Store needs. And we’re committed to the cause. We have been an industry leader since 2018, setting the standard for product quality and company transparency. CBD Store of our products are third-party tested, with publicly posted lab results. They also adhere to the farm bill act, with less than 0.3% THC.

  • We Are The Manufacturer
  • Same/Next Day Shipping
  • High Quality Products

Why are our prices so low? Because we make the product, our competitors pay a manufacturer or a middle-man.


Get Free Shipping on all orders over $99 Items are dispatched from the US and will arrive in 3-5 days.


We believe in 100% customers satisfaction. And we’ll make sure that you are satisfied with our products and services.

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