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The Art of Delivering the Perfect Presentation
The Art of Delivering the Perfect Presentation

The Art of Delivering the Perfect Presentation

When you give a presentation, you need to remember that effective communication is tied up in the use of your voice and body language far more than in the content of what you are saying.

Some studies have found that body language accounts for 55% of what we take away with us when we have sat through a presentation.

Body language leaves a lasting impression, so you must get it right when giving a presentation.

Being under scrutiny and having everyone’s eyes on you can be an uncomfortable experience. The first lesson in body language is that you must not let that show on the outside no matter how you feel inside.

You can do this by “acting” as though you are a confident speaker who has spoken in front of large audiences many times. Visualise how a confident speaker looks on stage or in a boardroom. Now visualise yourself doing that.

You can also watch TED talks on YouTube and analyse what the best presenters do. If you can harness even a small amount of the persona and charisma these people have, you’ll be making giant steps in your presentation skills.


Firstly you need to get the content right. Consider what needs to be included in the presentation and keep it simple. Work all the hot topics in and ensure that you have evidence and examples as required.

Before your presentation, you must practice, practice, practice! Not just once, but many times. The more practice you do, the more confident you will feel about the content. Once you know the content inside out, you can start to think about how you will present it.

You need it to look as natural as possible even though you have rehearsed to death when you present. It may not sound logical, but you will look more natural when you have taken the time to go over and over the presentation in rehearsal.


Throughout the presentation, you need to be dynamic and energetic. You must sound enthusiastic, like you care about what you’re saying and the product or service you are offering.

If you don’t care, why should anyone else? Your body language should reflect this energy. Your head should be up, your eyes shining, your gestures should be high, and perhaps your fist will be clenched when you talk about winning or victory, or you might gesture at your heart if something means a lot to you or your company. Don’t remain rooted to the spot; move around from time to time when you change slide or topic. Inject energy into the room. No movement will lead to the audience’s thoughts drifting off.


When you are in front of your audience, you need to be perfectly balanced and grounded if you are standing still. Plant both feet on the floor and pull up your spine. Tuck your pelvis in and pull your shoulders down and back.

Do not be tempted to put your weight through one hip as your audience will subconsciously perceive you as slovenly lacking in backbone. Do not fold your arms or cross your legs, as you will appear defensive. Try not to sway as the audience may think you’re a little unbalanced and not trust what you say! It’s difficult when you’re nervous but try to keep your body open and facing the audience as though you are upright and honest with nothing to hide. This will help project confidence.


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